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     what we have so far for our program: ( THIS IS NOT FINAL ) We will send a final copy by email, with zoom ID’s and passcodes to those who fill out the  contact form above. 

     Friday Nov 20th

    1 PM PST

    CDC Virtual PACT Mtg The Virtual Presentation and Meeting: How NA Reaches Southern California Parolees and demonstrating to Parole that NA is a viable program of recovery, while directly carrying the message to 400 parolees each week.
     3 PM PST Carrying the NA message virtually A panel discussion on how to initiate and provide NA PR, H&I, PI virtually.
    Saturday Nov 21st

    9 AM – 12 PM PST

     Objetivo y Visión de los comités del AHHSCNA en estos tiempos de pandemia Spanish Speaking Presentations
    9 AM PST BMLT and YAP: Helping Addicts Find Meetings BMLT and YAP – what is it, how to set up these tools, and a demonstration on how a member could utilize these tools to find and attend a meeting either in person or virtually.
    9 AM PST Virtual Meetings: Nuts and Bolts Part 1 Best practices and shared experiences regarding holding an online home group meeting, hybrid meetings, and how far we have come – Part I
    9 AM PST  Virtual SBTW Sponsoring Inmates in the time of quarantine and beyond – A virtual toolkit
    1:30 PM PST How to Save Money Doing Events How to save money putting on an NA event, whether Virtual, In Person, or Hybrid: Recruitment, fund raising, merchandise, NA fund flow, etc.
    11 AM PST G-suite for Non-Profits: Identity Management, File Sharing, and Communication Paths How and why G-Suite is selected for Identity Access Management and to run legal non-profit business applications free of charge.
    11 AM PST Virtual Meetings: Nuts and Bolts Part 2 Best practices and shared experiences regarding holding an online home group meeting, hybrid meetings, and how far we have come – Part II
    11 AM PST PR as Steward of NA’s Public Reputation We will discuss the role of PR within the service structure, as a resource for groups and other service bodies making decisions which impact our relationship with the public. Then we will explore options for service bodies seeking to add language to their guidelines for disaster/contingency planning, regarding PR as the single point of accountability for this task. Finally, we will brainstorm strategies for educating the fellowship about this role of PR.
    3:30 PM PST Website Tour A virtual tour and “how to find” some of the many helpful resources and information on the NAWS website. Let’s explore it together!
    1:30 PM PST NAWS (NA World Services) Q & A Results of coronavirus survey, expectations for WSC 2022 (virtual or in-person), update regarding Motion 15 (PR video), NAWS financial contingency planning in case of another pandemic or disaster, WB adjustments to COVID-19, update on the role of zones, etc.
    1:30 PM PST Safely Reopening Meetings: A PR Perspective We will discuss strategies for interpreting and adhering to local public health guidelines. This includes actions we can take as members, groups, and service bodies to protect our reputation as a fellowship. We will also address related liability issues facing members, groups, and NA as a whole.
    1:30 PM PST  
    3:30 PM PST
    3:30 PM PST Getting Clean in Quarantine Newcomer panel workshop regarding Newcomers in a Virtual World, literature access, and how to foster an Atmosphere of Recovery.
    3:30 PM PST Rural Outreach and Literature Development The main purpose of Outreach is to help overcome the isolation that hinders the growth and survival of our groups.  The focus tends to be on groups that are geographically isolated, but may include groups isolated by language, culture, personal choice or located within a locked facility not serviced by H&I.
    5-6 PM PST NAWS Update: PR around the World We are PR.
    6 PM PST   Main Speaker Meeting