What is WSLD?

Western Service Learning Days (WSLD) is an annual conference that focuses on Narcotics Anonymous services in Public Information (PI)/Public Relations (PR), Phonelines, Web Pages, Outreach, and Hospitals and Institutions (H&I). Thus, giving NA members an opportunity to learn and share about issues and solutions. The event is hosted each year by a different Area or Region within thirteen western United States, two western Provinces of Canada, and Mexico.

Western Service Learning Days (WSLD), formerly called the Western States Public Information Learning Days Convention (WSPILD), started in Fife Washington in 1987 and has continued on an annual basis since then. The event was originally conceived to help inform interested addicts about Public Information, to improve their skills and knowledge base for implementing PI projects in their areas and regions.

As Phonelines was included with PI on a world level, in 1991 the event evolved to include Phonelines workshops. In 1997 Northern California hosted the first (and last) Western States Hospitals and Institutions Learning Days (WSH&ILD) planned as a coordinated event with WSPILD 11. In 1996 a motion was made and unanimously passed to expand the scope to include H&I beginning in 1999. Beginning with WSLD 12 in 1998, British Columbia began fulfilling the spirit of that motion a year earlier than required.

Past & Future WSPILD/WSLD

1987 (I) Fife, Washington (Washington/N. Idaho Region)
1988 (II) San Francisco, California (Northern California Region)
1989 (III) Denver, Colorado (Colorado Region)
1990 (IV) Salt Lake City, Utah (Utah Region)
1991 (V) San Diego, California (San Diego Imperial Region)
1992 (VI) Santa Monica, California (Southern California Region)
1993 (VII) Salt Lake City, Utah (Utah Region)
1994 (VIII) Portland, Oregon (Pacific Cascade Region)
1995 (IX) Las Vegas, Nevada (Southern Nevada Region)
1996 (X) Honolulu, Hawaii (Hawaii Region)
1997 (XI) Burlingame, California (Northern California Region)
1998 (XII) Vancouver, British Columbia (British Columbia Region)
1999 (XIII) Burbank, California (Southern California Region)
2000 (XIV) Salt Lake City, Utah (Wasatch Area)
2001 (XV) Fresno, California (California Midstate Region)
2002 (XVI) Portland, Oregon (Pacific Cascade Region)
2003 (XVII) Phoenix, Arizona (Arizona Region)
2004 (XVIII) Burlingame, California (Northern California Region)
2005 (IXX) Las Vegas, Nevada (Southern Las Vegas Area)
2006 (XX) Seattle, Washington (Washington/N. Idaho Region)
2007 (XXI) Ogden, Utah (Northern Utah Area)
2008 (XXII) Honolulu, Hawaii (Oahu Area/Hawaii Region)
2009 (XXIII) Fresno, California (Central California & Kern County Area Service Committees)
2010 (XXIV) Fresno, California (California Mid-State Region)
2011 (XXV) Redmond, Oregon (Central Oregon High Desert Area)
2012 (XXVI) Denver, Colorado (Colorado Region)
2013 (XXVII) Los Angeles, California (Southern California Region)
2014 (XXVIII) Sacramento, California (Northern California Region)
2015 (XXIX) Las Vegas, Nevada (Region 51)
2016 (XXX) San Diego, California (San Diego Region)
2017 (XXXI) Monterey, California (Monterey Bay & Santa Cruz Areas)
2018 (XXXII) Phoenix, Arizona (Arizona Region)
2019 (XXXIII) Seattle, Washington (Washington Northern Idaho Region)
2020 (XXXIV) Virtual convention
2021 (XXXV) Albuquerque, New Mexico (Greater Albuquerque Area)
2022 (XXXVI) Denver, Colorado (Colorado Region)
2023 (XXXVII) Anchorage, Alaska (Alaska Region)
2024 (XXXVIII) Tucson, Arizona (South Eastern Arizona Region)
2025 (XXXIX) Reno, Nevada
2026 (XXXX) This could be your Region/Area!


Originally the WSPILD was made up of the 11 Western States. Then it was expanded in 1991 to include Alaska and Hawaii. In 1992 we included British Columbia, Canada, and in 1995 to include Mexico. In 1996 a motion was made and unanimously passed to change the name, effective in 1998, to Western Service Learning Days (WSLD) to reflect the expanded scope and geography.

Western Service Learning Days (WSLD) is an unincorporated member benefit association organized under the laws of California, USA.

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