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Greetings Service Enthusiasts-

This years event is still a go! Because of COVID-19 there may be a chance the event maybe a Video Conference but we are still planning for a live event. So here is a preliminary list of some of the subjects that will be covered so you can start making plans.

Please notice some workshops still need presenters, so if you have any great ideas and would like to get involved email the Program Coordinator at

Friday October 23rd, 2020

PR/Community Day

  • Law Enforcement And Division (LEAD program)
  • Drug Court Interaction

Saturday October 24th, 2020

Interactive Track Round Table 

  • Why We Serve Writing for the NA WAY:
  • Workshop on SPAD “Spiritual Principle A Day” Book Project
  • Collaboration:
  • CBDM (Why & How) Let’s try it
  • Positive Inquiry: What We Do Well –needs a facilitator

NA The Tech Way

  • Websites Best Practices
  • Using BMLT
  • Zoom & Other Videoconferencing “Best Practices”
  • YAP & Other Phone Line Systems
  • Social Media Do’s and Don’ts– still needs presenters


  • FD in an Established NA Community
  • Video jail presentations
  • Outreach and Newcomer Orientation– still needs presenters
  • Project Primary Purpose
  • Behind the Walls Services

Service Track

  • Atmosphere of Recovery
  • Our Communication Stream
  • Get Outta the Box (Local Services Toolbox)- – still needs presenters
  • A Vision For Service “Funding our services”– still needs presenters
  • How to Attract New Servants & Retaining Servants

Convention & Activities Track

  •  Merchandising; How to Not Waste Money:– still needs presenters
  • Convention Blahs: Brainstorming Fresh Ideas & Program Renovation
  • Using Technology at Conventions– still needs presenters
  • Young People “What Do They Want”– still needs presenters
  • Convention Toolbox Workgroup

Sunday October 25th, 2020

  • NAWS Update