Jeffrey’s Terminal Cancer Care – Updated

Jeffery R is a long time service enthusiast that has supported the WSLD when it was called the “Western Service Public Information Learning Day”. Almost anyone that has attended the event has seen Jeffery’s enthusiasm for loving service. I first met Jeffery at WSPILD in 1994, Portland, Oregon. I called him the “fifth Beatle of WSC PI” as he always attended our committee meetings in at the World Service Conference in California … He is now suffering from cancer that is terminal.

Below is a link [removed] to help him in his last days. May the blessings be, Erik R, WSLD Webservant

Not long after posting this announcement Jeffery R passed away near his home in Sonoma, California, on February 15, 2018.

In Phoenix, Arizona, at WSLD XXXII we will take time to acknowledge Jeffery’s lifetime of service and contribution to WSPILD, WSLD … and to NA as a whole.

Please join us to honor him.

Good-bye Jeffery.