Proposed Program WSLD 2022

This is a proposed program to help you see what will be offered this year. Check back again for a more detailed outline soon.


Welcome reception



Professionals Day 

Main Speaker Meeting

Saturday – Times TBD

  • Interactive Track Round Table

Tradition 3 – The only Requirement: Welcoming New Members  

CBDM (Why & How) Let’s try it  

How to Attract Members to Service & Retaining Members already in Service

Positive Inquiry: What We Do Well 

  • NA The Tech Way

Websites 101/NA by Text (Formerly known as YAP)  

Virtual Meetings/Service Meetings “Best Practices”

Social Media Do’s and Don’ts – Generating support for service 

A Vision For Service “Funding our services”- Collecting 7th Tradition in an Electronic World  

  • PR TRACK  

Revitalizing PR after the Pandemic/Virtual PR  

Who is missing from our meetings and why? FD in an Established NA Community  

Project Primary Purpose 

Behind the Walls Services (what can we offer)  

  • Service Track 

Atmosphere of Recovery in Service

Our Communication Stream: Effective communication methods  

Get Outta the Box (Local Services Toolbox)

Literature Development – Need to Availability

CBDM (Why & How) Let’s try it

How to Attract and Retain Members to Service

  • Convention & Activities Track

Managing our Money Responsibly – 501c3, EIN’s, Bank Accounts, Convention Finances…

Convention Blahs: Brainstorming Fresh Ideas & Program Renovation 

Conventions and Technology – Best Practices  

Young People “What Do They Want”: How do we have fun regardless of age? Newcomer panel – Service oriented

Main Meeting Speaker

Late Night Workshop 

Sunday – Times TBD


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