WSLD XXXI Tentative Schedule of Topics

You may download the following information in a PDF file for distribution: WSLD XXXI Tentative Schedule of Topics April 2017

Workshops with an asterisk after the title have been specifically designed to be accessible to members newer in service, while remaining engaging to our long-term trusted servants. Our hope is that these will attract the next generation of trusted servants to WSLD, expanding our base through mentorship. Workshops which say “panel” have either a panel of speakers or a panel presentation followed by a Q&A session. All other workshops are interactive, roundtable style, possibly with introductory presentation.



Professionals Panel 1 (Corrections)

Service Structure Overview (Part 1 of 2, Local Perspective)*


Professionals Panel 2 (Hospitals)

Area Service – It’s Not Scary!*


Fire Camps Panel

Guiding Principles Traditions Workshop (Part 1)*



H&I “Do’s & Don’t’s” connecting to the Traditions and Concepts *

RD roundtable discussion

PR Outreach in the Community

Phoneline Technology: Freedom Voice (panel)


SBTW (panel)

Service structure overview (Part 2 of 2, Global Perspective) plus “Ask an RD” *

LGBTIQ Outreach

Website Technology: WordPress (panel)


PR Umbrella Structure at the Regional Level: Supporting H&I Services (panel)

“Who Is Missing from Our Meetings?”

7th Tradition/ 11th Concept for Groups and Areas *

Inmates At Conventions (panel)


4th Concept in Action Leadership in Service *

“Applying our Principles to Technology and Social Media” (NAWS) *

Bilingual H&I/SBTW

“I carry the message the way I received it!” (panel)


“What if my Area doesn’t have ___ service? How can we start?”

(Outreach, NAYC, etc)

Newcomer workshops and orientations in the community *

Bilingual Roundtable Discussion/ Problem Solving

11th concept for conventions and events (panel)


Veterans Outreach

Guiding Principles Traditions Workshop (Part 2) *

“Mobile Generation” (Carrying message to them, attracting them to serve.)

Spanish speaker meeting

“NAWS Update” is before the Sunday morning main speaker meeting. Entertainment (scheduled after speaker meetings both nights) includes a Halloween dance with costume contest, as well as a live auction.

Members who reserve their hotel room early are eligible for discounted tickets to the Monterey Bay Aquarium and a local whale-watching tour boat, available from two days before to two days after WSLD.